Overseas Outreach Garston Communtiy Church - Support Us


Currently, our main overseas work is in support of Christian ministries in Andhra Pradesh in India. The relationships have been built by personal contacts in which trust has been established on both sides over a number of years. We support each ministry in the most appropriate way by at least monthly contact and by at least two visits by teams a year to each. Our support involves us in:-

  • Village Evangelism, sometimes where the Gospel has not yet reached
  • Evangelistic crusades
  • The training of Pastors and other church leaders
  • Healing camps
  • Support of orphans and the building of a children’s home
  • Church planting
  • Establishing schools for Tribals children
  • Support and ministry for lepers and aids victims

Financial help for these ministries comes from sponsorship from outside Garston Community Church itself, for which we praise God.  For more information please visit the Hope for India website

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