Depression Feeling Low – Low Moods No Energy No Life

Depressed or Feeling Depressed.

depression help

​Depression can often overtake our lives in such away that it feels like there is a continual dark cloud following us – it seems that there is no hope or reason to keep going with life. You may be experiencing a wide range of physical symptoms and emotions for example, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, weight loss/gain, irritability, emptiness, numbness or suicidal.

Sometimes these symptoms and emotions may be accompanied by hearing voices, hallucinations or paranoia.
Feelings of depression are very isolating and you may think that no one will understand what you are going through.

You are not alone

You may know other people who are depressed, but you may not know that the Bible has many examples of people who experienced depression – God identified with them in their brokenness.

We want you to know that the ultimate friend we can turn to in the pain and darkness of depression is Jesus Himself. He can be trusted to handle your fears, doubts, frustrations and despair because He loves you.

Let us help you

We are passionate to let you know of the hope that Jesus offers and brings in the midst of depression; you can be free from these thoughts and feelings – there is light to be found in the darkness.  Please reach out to us today

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