Suicide & Suicidal Thoughts. Don’t Kill Yourself. You Are Of Much Value. Find Your True Path

Feeling Suicidal? Having Suicidal Thoughts?


Sometimes many Christians reach a point in their life where they feel they do not want to go on and would like to end their life. You may feel desperate, powerless, hopeless and trapped and think that suicide is the only solution. We would like to let you know that there is another way.

What can you do about these feelings?

Quite often we allow our feelings to govern how we deal with situations in our life, but our feelings can fail us and trick us, they are not reliable. We have to look beyond our feelings to the truth.

What is the truth?

The truth is that the Lord has a purpose and plan for your life here on Earth; you are valuable to the Lord and those around you. As you trust Him, He will give you a new focus and hope for the future. Jesus loves you deeply, He knows your hurts and pains and wants you to experience a joyous life in Him.

Let us help you

We do not want you to struggle with these feelings alone. If you find that you are at this point in your life don't give up please contact us here 

If you are someone who does not know Jesus or knows very little about Him, then we would love to share the good news of the Gospel message with you so please get in touch with us here

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