Hearing from God. We Can All Here From God Through Christ


how to hear jesus

When we are in a relationship with God, we can be assured that He is speaking to us in various ways. It is vital that we learn to hear God’s voice, so that we may deepen our relationship with our heavenly Father. You may recall that God spoke to men and women in the Bible – He called to Moses from within the bush, He spoke to Paul as he journeyed to Damascus, Adam and Eve heard the voice of God in the garden, to cite a few examples.

Does God still speak to us today?

He surely does, but it may not always be an audible voice. He may speak to each of us personally through any of the following ways:

  •  His Son, Jesus Christ
  •  His Word
  • The Holy Spirit (e.g. a Rhema word, i.e. a specific message from God for a situation)
  • Prayer
  • Praise and worship
  • Friends, relatives or co-workers who are believers
  • Dreams and visions
  • Creation itself
  • Our personal circumstances

The beauty of this is that God’s communication with us will always build us up and glorify Him. Would you like to hear from God or do you long to hear more from Him? Know that God’s desire is always to commune with you in a deeper way.

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